"It's a story about a life void of love, even the love that one gives to oneself."

    An immigrant to a new world and an outcast of the old world, Craig Dwelling's story depicted in his debut EP, "Internal Battles," began when he moved to the United States from Jamaica at age 11. 

    The project begins with the interlude "Dear Younger Me," a poem Dwelling wrote to his 13 year-old self, inspired by Langston Hughes’ poem, “Dream.” It encourages him to follow his visions of artistic freedom and self-acceptance, and to avoid falling victim of self-doubt and self-pity due to life’s hardships. The following track, "Red Diamonds," is a song about chasing a dream. Dwelling's father passed away when he was 5 years-old. When he moved to U.S., his mother worked as a live-in nanny, which meant that he had to grow up amongst family members who didn't understand his artistic ambitions. This resulted in lack of a support system, and consequently buried him in low self-esteem. "Red Diamonds" captures the struggle to follow a dream against all odds. 

    All of Dwelling’s early experiences with romance resulted in unrequited love. Short-lived affairs that he poured his feelings of longing to love and be loved into, inspired "Remember This," a song about a forlorn lover who can't let go. "Dead N' Cold" details an experience about desperately using sex as a last resort to save a failed relationship. The artist’s early 20s were plagued with cycles of depression due to lack of family support, failed attempts at finding love, and feeling misunderstood by his peers. He channeled feelings of hopelessness into the song, "Loveless," a tale about the destruction of love. 

    "Someone Happy" the second interlude on the project, is another poem written by Dwelling. Narrated by his subconscious, an inner voice encourages him to get dressed the morning after an emotional night and to conceal his depression from the world. The project wraps up with the song titled, "Internal Battles." Although most of the project was penned in Dwelling's early to mid-20s, "Internal Battles" was written when he was a teenager during a time when he contemplated suicide. It's a raw, honest, and vulnerable portrayal of his state of mind during a turning point in his life.

    This project displays Dwelling's strength as a storyteller, along with his ability to manifest his visions into audio-visual form. His sound can be described as contemporary, yet soulful and his writing resonates from a deep passionate place. His lyrics are raw, emotional, and heart-felt. Dwelling is extremely hands-on with his visuals, both co-directing and producing his videos and images to ensure that the visual components encompass the feelings expressed in his work.


Craig Dwelling